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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Great Father's Day Gift Ideas!

Father's Day is Sunday, June 16th. Not sure what to get dad? Here are some suggestions from Sip Tea Lounge:

Assam. Dad likes to brew something, but it ain’t coffee?
Who Needs Coffee?
If dad is switching from coffee to tea, or if he’s been searching for a strong, smooth, full-bodied black tea with a rich flavor then Assam tea, from Northern India, is the the one.  Since this tea can really show its strength, it is a great choice for breakfast. A dash of honey or a splash of milk will make a nice complement.  But, since we’re purists, we suggest trying it black first.  Sip Tea Lounge has a few Assam Teas.  If you’re trying to do your best for dad, you’ll get an A+ for Assam.

If you’re bringing dad to Sip for this tea...
Assam pairs well with Sip Tea Lounge’s Cinnamon Buns and Maple Walnut Bars.

Darjeeling.  Is your dad a sharp cookie? 
So Distinguished.
The fine leaves of a top grade, smooth 1st Flush Darjeeling tea have hints of spice and fruit.  Sip Tea Lounge has several estate Darjeeling teas.  All are perfect for the dad who likes the best of everything.

If you bring dad to Sip for this tea:
Darjeeling pairs well with Sip Tea Lounge’s Crumpets, Scones and Ginger Bars.

Genmaicha. Give him breakfast in bed.
Get Comfortable.
A delicious Japanese tea made from a combination of steamed green Sencha, roasted brown Japanese rice and sorghum which, when popped, resembles popcorn.  This tea makes a wonderful breakfast beverage or the perfect addition to a savory rice dish.  Because this tea has a good amount of caffeine, it is also a great choice for a quick-pick-me-up.  When brewed, this tea has a comforting aroma with hints of spinach and popped corn.  It brews a bright green-yellow liquor.  Originally enjoyed by Japanese peasants because the addition of rice made the tea more affordable, Genmaicha is now a favorite of so many tea drinkers. Could it be dad's favorite?

If you bring dad to Sip for this tea...
Genmaicha is delicious with Sip Tea Lounge’s savory Musubi.  It also goes well with the sweet, powdered sugar Russian Tea Cookies. Bring dad in to try some.

Gunpowder. Think all men like guns? What they really like is Gunpowder Tea.
Pack a Punch.
First time green tea drinkers and those looking for a tea that packs a punch should give this a try.  A full-bodied green tea from China, Gunpowder has slight hints of smoke.  Because some Gunpowder green tea is visually similar to English gunpowder pellets, some say that is how the tea got named.  The small, tightly rolled, shiny pellets are evidence of this Gunpowder Green Tea’s high quality.  This tea brews a light green liquor. Guys like Gunpowder.

If you bring dad to Sip for this tea...
Gunpowder pairs well with Sip Tea Lounge’s sweet or savory Scones.

Houjicha. Ground your dad.
Be Grounded.
Made from the twigs, stems and veins of the Camellia sinensis plant (the tea plant), this low caffeine green tea has a deliciously sweet, nutty aroma and earthy, comforting taste.  Houjicha is a unique green tea because the brown color and twig and stem appearance may make it seem like a black tea.  This tea is perfect for any time of day, but since it’s lower in caffeine, it is a good late afternoon and evening choice.  Houjicha brews a brown liquor. You'll have dad thanking you for grounding him. Go figure!

If you bring dad to Sip for this tea...
Houjicha pairs well with Sip Tea Lounge’s Apple Galettes.

Pu Er Tea: Make history with dad.
Travel the Tea Horse Road.
Whether bing, cubes, bricks, tuocha, gourds or other shapes, Pu Er tea is made from the broad leaf tea plants from China’s Yunnan Provence.  Pu Er can be either “Sheng” (“Raw”) or “Shu” (“Cooked”.)  The flavor profile will differ depending upon which one you select.  

Sip Tea Lounge serves both Sheng and Shu Pu Er.  

If you bring dad to Sip for this tea...
Sheng pairs well with Sip Tea Lounge’s Ginger Bars.  Shu Pu Er pairs well with Sip Tea Lounge’s sweet or savory Scones.

Russian Caravan: Dad likes camping? 
Light My Fire.
This black tea blend from China has a distinct smoky aroma and flavor.  Rising in popularity in the 1700’s when black tea from Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Province was exported by caravan to the north, this tea became a popular item in Russia.  The tea, which picks up aromas very easily, was carried via caravan along the trading routes.  Repeatedly exposed to campfires in transit, the tea developed a smoky flavor.  Those who tasted it liked the smoky notes and started ordering “smoky tea” from the producers.  As a result, the tea was named “Russian Caravan.” Bring the campfire to dad.

If you bring dad to Sip for this tea...
Russian Caravan pairs well with Sip Tea Lounge’s Turtle Cheesecake Bars, Cinnamon Buns and Lemon Bars.

Hawaii White Tea. For a dad who likes to ride the waves.
Hang 10.
This very special white tea from The Big Island of Hawaii is perfect hot or iced.  Long leaves mixed with downy buds produce a yellow-green liquor with hints of flowers and fruit.  Meant to be savored, this made-in-the-USA tea is lovely, beautiful and delicate. No man can say no to that!  It brews a light green-yellow cup. Let dad relax.

If you bring dad to Sip for this tea:
Hawaii White Tea pairs well with Sip Tea Lounge’s Maple Walnut Bars.

If you're not sure what dad likes, you can always purchase a Sip Tea Lounge Gift Card! Or, contact us and we'll help you make a great gift bag to surprise dad on Father's Day.  Oh yeah, the tea is also available to buy by the ounce.  To see more teas, visit our retail website too,

Sip Tea Lounge
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