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Monday, June 13, 2011

An Eye and a Cup Full

Over Memorial Day Weekend we had the chance to drive to up to New Paltz, New York and a little beyond. We visited a wonderful farmer's market in Rhinebeck and saw some historic locations in Kingston, but the highlight of the trip was visiting High Falls to go to the studio of Kaete Brittin Shaw.

Visiting Kaete's studio brings back the feeling of being a child in a candy store. The excitement builds on the ride there. Once inside, it gets even better. Kaete's studio is bursting with eye-catching, thought-provoking artwork. Every piece has something to offer. Some of our favorites include Kaete's collaborative works with Hardie Truesdale and outdoor sculpture, "aerial tendrils, Unison." Of course we cannot forget the pieces that first introduced us to Kaete, the wonderful sculptural and whimsical Stacking Bowls, and cast porcelain Cups.

Although Kaete's bowls and cups have several functions, we immediately thought that they would be perfect for sipping tea! They fit comfortably in hand and the tea looks beautiful inside. The tea experience is extra special when drinking from these bowls or cups. And, for that, as well as for welcoming us into your studio and sharing part of you with us, we want to say "thank you Kaete." We hope that Kaete's bowls have made sharing tea with friends and family as special for others as it has been for us.

For more information about the artist, to see more work by Kaete, and for a schedule of exhibits, please visit the website.

Route 213
High Falls, NY 12440

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